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Our success in meeting budgets is an integrated design/cost control effort and diligent management by senior architects. We recognize how essential the cost estimating process is to the success of a project. We are attuned to current trends in the cyclical bidding/building arena, product costs and wage rates, all major factors in overall construction cost estimating.

Our professional cost estimator reviews our drawings three times. A preliminary review serves as a balance check for the project team’s estimates. At the end of the design development stage, we submit a full set of drawings and specifications for another review. Finally, the bid documents are reviewed prior to soliciting bids.

Our success in cost estimating is complemented by our quality control throughout the project. In addition to being overwhelmingly on time and on budget, our projects often enjoy low change order levels. This is the result of careful design and document coordination with the consulting engineers and diligent supervision by senior architects throughout the project phases.