Lexington Children’s Place

Lexington, MA

The LCP site is centrally located in town within a wooded area that provides a beautiful backdrop, and it benefits from the natural beauty of the wetlands and vegetation, with a generous secluded playground. An exhaustive study led to the demolition of an existing 1960s school to accommodate the facility, which was designed to support specific needs and influenced by the age and size of the students, appropriately scaling the building accordingly. An early enabling package allowed the building to be constructed in less than 10 months utilizing MGL Ch. 149.

The building features a simple, barrier-free layout that focuses on student accommodation throughout. It has been thoughtfully designed to allow for future expansion should the program grow. Catering to students with specialized physical and developmental needs, generous double-height circulation spaces for openness, a family waiting area, and selective transparency allowing visible connection while maintaining privacy were design imperatives. Ceramic tile, bright finishes, and color accent the masonry building in a vibrant and cheerful manner without distracting students prone to overstimulation. Playfully oversized boxed windows are a feature of each classroom, connecting those spaces to the outdoors. Classrooms are designed to be stimulating and motivating with features that promote the physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language development of each student.

The town is installing roof-top solar panels and solar canopies over the parking area. The all-electric building utilizes storage batteries for power generated onsite, resulting in LCP being net-positive energy.

Location Lexington, MA

Client Town of Lexington

Year Complete 2019

Construction Type Sustainable, New Construction

Services Feasibility Study–Construction Administration

Construction Cost $11,561,000

19,000 SF Building Area