Welch Elementary School

Peabody, MA

Phased renovations and repairs to modernize an elementary school that serves a diverse, multicultural community in a dense residential neighborhood. The 2-story building had not had any significant upgrades or renovations since it opened in 1972 and there were accessibility issues that needed to be resolved. The building also had multiple programmatic deficiencies that impaired the school’s ability to deliver on its mission of inclusion, though the overall size of the facility was sufficient for the school’s enrollment.
Welch Elementary School is an example of how the best solution is sometimes a renovation rather than a completely new building. The DiNisco Design team remedied the accessibility issues and programmatic deficiencies. The administration area is now better located to provide entrance control and security, while the enlarged media center supports digital literacy, group instruction, and project-based learning. The project was completed as a phased, occupied renovation in 2024.

Location Peabody, MA

Client City of Peabody

Year Complete 2024

Construction Type Renovation/Addition

Services Feasibility Study–Construction Administration

Construction Cost $26,052,966

58,900 SF Building Area 

City of Peabody